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***Please watch out for children playing, as summer is here.***


Spring Meeting Agenda – 6-18-16 – Summary

**If you are having issues with your light post, please be patient, we have volunteers helping us out with the issues.**

We are trying to work with Wildlife and Fisheries in removing the alligators. Please do not approach them and be careful by the pond.  If you see any, please notify Renaissance Management at info@renmgt.com or the Timberlane HOA Board at hoaboard@timberlanehoa.com.

**We have alligator traps set out by the pond and are asking homeowners and their guests to please leave this alone and do not go near the pond while we try and get rid of the alligators.  If you see anyone tampering with the traps, please notify the HOA Board at hoaboard@timberlanehoa.com.**


We will be adding grass carp to the pond to help with the algae that has built up.

If you are fishing at the pond, please be sure to use the catch and release procedure with the triploid carp.

(See Triploid Carp Below)


***Timberlane Subdivision is located in an area that is populated with numerous wildlife species.  Since some wildlife can be hazardous to humans and/or pets, (i.e.: snakes, bobcats, bears, hawks, owls, coyotes, rodents, alligators, armadillos, etc.),  residents should exercise caution when venturing into subdivision common ground areas.  If an animal is deemed to be a threat, the St. Tammany Animal Control Division should be notified.***


– If you would like to be included in the Subdivision Directory.  Please fill the Timberlane Contact List and Directory   form out and email it to hoaboard@timberlanehoa.com.

Timberlane Contact List and Directory Form

– Anyone having issues with their water is advised to call Tammany Utilities at (985) 276-6400.

We are always looking for anyone interested in serving on the following committees:
– Welcoming
– Newsletter
– Social
– Architectural
– Decorating

***Anyone that has issues with speeding or ATV/Golf Cart use in the subdivision is advised to contact the Sheriff’s Office and report it.***

Mailing Address for Timberlane Home Owner’s Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 982
Madisonville, LA 70447

Homeowner Dues:


Dues collected cover – Upkeep of Front Entrance, Greenspace, Utilities, Pool/Pool House, Lighting at front entrance & pool area, Subdivision Projects’ (Approved by HOA), etc.

If you have any comments, please Click here to Email the HOA Board.  

The email address for the HOA Board is (hoaboard@timberlanehoa.com)

***Replies that are added at the bottom of this page are not checked.***

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